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Online Vendor DocumentationEverything Your Clients Need is Online, Including Your Compliance Docs…

Manually printing and faxing or mailing your compliance documents, references, marketing materials, and quotes for every project is extremely time-consuming and costly. With a MyVendorCenter account, you can keep everything you need for acquiring new clients safely stored online for direct reference by your customers, or for attaching to our easy-to-complete proposal forms. This saves you time and ensures your current & future clients get exactly what they need, when they need it.




Online Vendor DocumentationZERO Referral Fees for Projects, NO “Per Lead” Fees, and NO Per Client Fees

Unlike other vendor compliance companies, your annual subscription to MyVendorCenter allows you access to all clients on MyVendorCenter, not just one. That's it - no other hidden fees. Simply pay your annual subscription and you are good to go. This means you have an even greater chance at sharpening your numbers while increasing your competitive advantage.



Vendor Profile PageVendor Profile Pages Give Instant Exposure…

Every MyVendorCenter Vendor has a Profile Page associated with their account. Profile Pages are branded with your logo and include important company information such contact information, mailing address, vendor rating, insurance certificates, licenses, and more. Managers within MyVendorCenter have the ability to view your profile and contact you directly about needed work. We even offer Public Profile Pages to Vendors that allow non-members to view your profile online. The benefit of having a Public Profile page is that you can promote your good standing with MyVendorCenter via your apple rating while allowing instant access to all of your verified documentation and qualifications with your own web link.



Online Vendor DocumentationGet Added to Managers’ Preferred Vendor Lists…

The many Communities & Management Firms that utilize MyVendorCenter now have control of their own, digital Vendor List (Preferred Vendors) with the ability to add YOUR Company. When you set up an account, you’re automatically added to our online Vendor database that’s searchable by EVERY Manager within our system. This means each Manager can personally invite you to participate in their projects while having easy access to your contact information, licensing, insurances, apple rating, and more. You may also choose to become a Sponsored Vendor, which will put your Company at the top of Vendor searches and Project Invite Pages. This increased visibility ensures the highest opportunity of becoming a Preferred Vendor for all Managers.


Online Vendor DocumentationPersonal Invitations to Participate in NEW Projects…

Once you set up your MyVendorCenter account, Managers can send you personal invitations for projects right to your inbox. For each project, Managers set standards for licensing and insurance minimums that all vendors must meet. Should they choose to bid a project out to more than one vendor, this ensures you’ll only compete with other, equally qualified vendors. It’s always your choice to accept or decline an invitation after reviewing the scope of work and community information, immediately sending your decision to the Manager.